Design user interface for email marketing solution

Design user interface for powerful app used daily to send millions of emails for brands such as Premier Inn and HMV

The problem

From 2010-2013 I contributed to the on-going development of the user interface for Instiller, the email marketing solution designed for digtial agencies. As the app had gradually been improved and grown in complexity it had began to suffer from issues with both visual and interactive consistency. Losing this consistency was detrimental to both the user’s experience and the speed of development.

The solution

I designed and established a clean, simple visual and interactive style that was an evolution from app’s current style. I also built several UI widgets to ensure consistent presentation whilst enhancing the user’s experience.


Screenshot of rebrandable UI

As the app is white label visual style is kept simple to fit with a wide range of brands.


Grids and consistent navigational elements improve usability. Colour was reduced to a traffic light system of red (“error”), amber (“warning”) and green (“ok/done”); with blue also used for “info”. I designed custom icons for UI elements and to represent different content types.


Screenshot of UI element

UI widgets, such as javascript emulating a single page web-app improve user experience and reduce development time.

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