Responsive website for Instiller

Communicate and demonstrate that this email marketing solution is the choice for digital agencies.

The problem

In early 2013, email marketing solution provider Instiller engaged a design agency to realise their ideas for a new brand and provide a new website. The website provided was a good fit for the initial brand, but as the brand developed and sales got going it became evident that the design/build had not yet reached its full potential. I was asked to look for and work on areas of improvement.

Instiller were happy with the general visual aesthetic, the main areas for improvement were to better communicate the updated brand and better demonstrate the product’s benefits. Issues with the build quality and the flexibility of the CMS also had to be addressed.

Communicate updated brand
  • Brand should appear more “helpful” and approachable, to encourage communication from prospects or clients.
  • Simplify visual aesthetic to reflect Instiller’s ease-of-use.
Demonstrate the product’s benefits
  • Small screenshots used did not demonstrate product’s ease-of-use or provide visual appeal. Instiller wanted the product to come to the fore, rather than hide away.
Resolve build quality issues
  • The site’s approach to responsive layouts. Responsive issue
  • Grid system implemented did not allow for more complex layouts. Grid issue
  • Lack of consistent vertical rhythmn.
  • Lack of consistent typographic rhythm.
  • Adding new pages and layouts was disproprtionately time consuming.

The solution

Communicate updated brand
  • Visual style refined in line with updated brand - changes centred around appearing more approachable and reflecting product’s ease-of-use.
Demonstrate the product’s benefits
  • Revised design to include large, high-quality SVG screenshots. Simple animations communicate product’s ease-of-use.
Resolve build quality issues
  • Rebuild from ground-up using Bourbon Neat responsive grid system.
  • Implement a baseline grid in multiples of 6.
  • Design and implement a consistent type system using Modular Scale.
  • Switch whole site over to Wordpress.

The outcome

Simplifying the visual style allowed updated copy and the product itself to take centre stage. Within a week of the changes there was a noticeable uplift in conversions.

Basing the layouts on Bourbon Neat resulted in templates free of presentation markup and switching to Wordpress resulted in more consistent templating: both contributing to easy editing and preserving consistency in the future.

Cleaning up the typography, vertical rhythm and improving responsive layouts allowed Instiller to present themselves confidently, contributing to the growth of their brand.

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