OPEP brand

Create brand for teacher collective aiming for outstanding PE

The problem

OPEP (Outstanding Physical Education Preparation) are a non-profit teachers’ organisation looking at using collobarative sharing of ideas and resources to improve the standard of PE lessons in the UK. Having established themselves in their native Milton Keynes, OPEP partnered with sports supplier Maudesport to assist with expanding nationally through a new website.

Before work on the website could begin, a strong, professional brand needed to be established to define OPEP's position and inspire others to join the cause. My competitor analysis indicated that similar resource sharing sites often had underdeveloped brands, so this was identified as an area to gain traction against more established sites. The brand also needed to establish a coherent brand association between OPEP and Maudesport: reflecting the strong partnership that was developing.

The solution

Working together with OPEP we created a bold, strong brand in terms of character and personality using paradoxical pairs.

From this I designed a visual style based around the brand’s “expert-active” pairing, noticably expressed through the serif/sans type combination. Bright, bold, optimistic colours reflected OPEP’s community-minded outlook while the logo was based around the themes of collaboration central to OPEP’s identity.

I coined the strapline “Let’s make PE outstanding” - succinctly expressing OPEP’s aim and inviting others to contribute to it. Both single and dual (with and without partner brand Maudesport) branding was created, visually connecting the two brands.

Completing the project united the two parties and built anticipation for the website that would be the first application of the new brand.

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