OPEP website

Create new resource-sharing website for PE organisation aiming for outstanding lessons.

The problem

OPEP are a collective of teachers committed to making PE lessons and learning outstanding. Essential to their offering is their website, through which they and other teachers can share, discuss and collaborate on PE resources.

OPEP and its users were limited by the functionality of their previous website:

  • Finding, viewing and contributing resources were not quick, simple processes.
  • Reviewing and suggesting additions to articles was not possible.
  • There were limits on the number and type of resources that could be uploaded.
  • Viewing on mobile reduced the functionality of the site, to the detriment of user experience.

I was asked to work on creating a new site to resolve these issues and look for other areas for improvement. On reviewing the site I identified the site’s information architecture, visual style and readability of resources as areas for improvement.

The solution

Before starting work on the website, I worked with OPEP and Maudesport (their partner company) to create a brand and visual identity for OPEP. The resulting brand informed the visual style of the site, to resolve issues around readability I based type sizing on Scale.css to ensure resources were readable across devices.

To resolve issues around information architecture and user experience I conducted user research, finding out about teacher's approach to lesson planning. The user research pointed to teachers visiting resource sites primarily when under time pressure, requiring resources for use in lessons. Teachers also, less frequently, visited resource sites for tips on improving their lessons and discussion. Using this information, existing content was reorganised into overall content types of "Resources" (Resources for use in outstanding PE lessons) and "Guides" (How to use, improve and create resources for outstanding PE lessons). "Resources" were given priority over "Guides" to reflect the teacher's needs.

To improve the processes of finding, viewing and contributing resources I created and prioritised user stories around these topics. These informed the wireframes and eventually the sites functionality - including searching, categorising and uploading of resources.

The admin’s experience was also greatly improved by switching the site over to Wordpress, giving them control over all the site’s content from wherever they are.

Though there were time pressures on the project, user research highlighted the requirement for a responsive approach / seamless user experience across devices. I opted for the Frameless grid system as this allowed a responsive approach but designing column by column was less time-consuming than a fluid grid system.

The outcome

Both OPEP and Maudesport were happy that they now had the platform on which to base their resource-sharing website. The site is currently being filled with resources, following which work to develop a community around the site will begin.

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