We are 10 - brand and microsite

Utilise Givey API and Assemble to generate donations and buzz for charity project

The problem

Web app developers Neteffekt were marking their 10th year in business by aiming to raise £10k for Birmingham Children’s Hospital over a 6 month period. They asked me to help them achieve their target, together we outlined the requirements as:

  • A visual identity: generate buzz and galvanise the team
  • Utilise a donation service (e.g. Just Giving): must be easy to use and positively contribute to project
  • A microsite: generate donations and allow donors to track the project’s progress

The solution

Clean, friendly visual identity
  • Selected fonts and colours to co-brand well with Neteffekt.
  • Clean design reflected Neteffekt’s focus on ease-of-use.
  • Extra dimension of friendliness/personality through slightly playful visuals (amplified by interactions/animations on the microsite) - required to encourage people to donate to or support the project.
A better donation service
  • Researched a number of donation services: most (including Just Giving) did not provide the visual aesthetic or donation user experience to match the rest of the project.
  • Givey, was a much closer fit and had the added bonus of all monies going directly to charity (did you know Just Giving currently takes an 5% cut?)
A dynamic, fun microsite
  • Broke down the site into sections of: What is it? How is it going? How can I contribute?
  • Simple animations encourage users to interact with project.
Highlight dynamic aspect of project
  • Live totals raised and donations pulled from Givey API. Encourages repeat visits/donations and galvanises the team towards achieving their target.
  • Countdown to next challenges and tweets of support.
  • I utilised static-site generator Assemble, it’s use of Handlebars meant I could serve static HTML (fast) and re-render it in JS when data was available from the Givey API

The outcome

  • Assemble’s use of YML/JSON as data source meant it was simple for Neteffekt to update descriptions / text within the site after I’d finished my work.
  • At the time of writing: Neteffekt are 59% towards hitting their target - with 5 more challenges to run and 101 days left it looks like they should smash it!
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